Byulent Hasanov

Byulent Hasanov is a Bulgarian citizen with Turkish ethnicity. He was educated to a master’s degree level in international finance in the United Kingdom after earning bachelor’s degree in Turkey. Following graduation he worked as an Internal Auditor for 5 years at an international media company in the UK. Later he moved back to Bulgaria, where he took place in the founding of a Bulgarian Political Party DOST and took part as candidate for the Parliamentary Elections in Bulgaria 2017.

DOST stands for Democrats for Responsibility, Solidarity and Tolerance. It is a liberal democratic and centrist political party in Bulgaria, mainly representing the Turkish minority. The party is led by Lyutvi Mestan. Recently, he is am a Regional Coordinator and Member of its National Assembly.

Additionally, as a member of an NGO called Intercultural Dialogue, he participates in many international events and seminars of OCSE and its affiliate partners.

On the other hand, he continues to work in projects as an International Hospitality Auditor for Accor Hotels chain and do financial and operational auditing in their premises around the world.