Fahima Nayiby

Fahima Nayiby – Ambassador At-Large for Human Rights in World Service Authority (WSA) Representation in Sweden and Refugee Rights Activist. She is holder of BSc from Medical Institute and has ICT and Pedagogical Development Diploma from LIFE Academy Sweden. She has experiences from medical field, donor agency such as Sida Sweden and other international organizations.

Now Fahima has mandate to defend refugees’ and immigrants’ rights, support and defending women rights through active participation in different level talks, forums and seminars at local, national and international level. She is doing most of voluntary services with WSA which some highlights are the following:

  • Educate the public about world citizenship and assist them in understanding how to apply for world citizen registration.
  • Raise awareness about and funding to promote human rights and documentation based on human rights such as the World Passport.
  • Assist in the process of providing identification documentation to stateless persons, refugees, asylum seekers, and others displaced.
  • Organize fundraising campaigns for our mutual endeavors.
  • Recruit celebrities, public figures, and anyone who is interested in contributing to human rights and identification causes.