Ivana Andjelkovic

Ivana Andjelkovic graduated Psychology at the University of Belgrade and holds a degree equivalent to Master in Science. She was volunteering in the biggest psychiatrist hospital in Belgrade “Laza Lazarevic” and in the Association of Psychiatric Patients “Duša”. Her interests include mental health reform and rights of people with psychological problems.

She has done research and presented her work at several international conferences and as Fogarty trainee she took part in the research on factors influencing patient access to psychiatric services and wrote a chapter in the book Mental Heath in Central and Eastern Europe: Improving Care and Reducing Stigma due to be published this year.

During the last two years she has been working as Senior Child Protection Officer for NGO “Indigo” in Refugee Reception Center in Presevo, Serbia where her main duties are monitoring the conditions and wellbeing of refugee children and providing psychological and psychosocial support.