Razan Damlakhi

Razan Damlakhi from Syria, living in The Netherlands since 2011. From Aleppo University, she earned my BSc in Computer Engineering. She worked for 5 years in the IT-Department at The Municipality of Aleppo. In 2013, she successfully managed to obtain her Master degree in Geo-Information Science (Geo-IT) from Twente University (NL).

Her field of interest is Human Development. In opposite to working on computers, she enjoys working directly with people. As an active Community Builder, Razan aspires to spark positive curiosity for Migration in the Dutch Society by creating spaces for Empathy & Effective Communication in order to increase Tolerance & promote Social Inclusion.

Intercultural Communication, Capacity Development, Social Diversity, Women Empowerment, and Storytelling are topics she is keenly interested in. Aspects of her daily work include Advocacy & Consulting; she is always in the lookout for innovative ways to engage refugees in taking part of active participation and meaningful dialogue that give them a channel to describe their needs and share their experiences.

Being involved with several NGO’s and Refugee-led Initiatives (WE organization, She Matters, Stichting Vluchtelingen Ambassadeurs, Syrian Volunteers in The Netherlands SYVNL), Razan works towards a resilient and cohesive society; where everyone feels they matter and belong. She fulfils her interests in the societal work by getting engaged in the design, development, implementation and evaluation of various projects in relation to Social, Cultural, and Economic Integration of the refugees in Europe.

Driven by the question: “Who Am I & what would be my contribution to the world I’m living in”? she always seeks to add value and continue to grow. She is a realistic rebel, ready to inspire and be inspired. Razan is driven by challenges & new experiences, and eager to join forces in leading social innovation & creating positive impact through meaningful partnerships and sustainable progress. What makes her her: I’m the one who is leading from the background, making sure everything runs smoothly without people realizing it. For me, it’s about being effective & efficient.

Curiosity drives me onwards, and what fascinates me is the genuine connection between people. My biggest achievement is “Yet to come”; I believe that life is a constant work-in-progress and that all moments, the huge ones & the small quiet ones, all makeup who I am. The goal I’m working hard to reach is to be highly skilled in Design-Thinking, Process Facilitation and Participatory Leadership approaches, so that I ultimately can foster true collaboration between people from all walks of life in different kinds of organizations.