Sofya Ragozina

Sofya Ragozina is graduate of the Higher School of Economics (master’s degree in Political Science, 2015, Moscow). Now she is preparing her PhD devoted to image of Islam and Islamophobia in Russian media. She is a lecturer at Higher School of Economics (courses “Methodology of international Studies”, “Conflicts and peace-making activities”), executive secretary in Russian peer-review journal “State, Religion and Church in Russia and Worldwide”. She is also involved in some activities on popularization knowledge on the East: for example, she is a vice-chairperson of the Organizing committee of the conference “Power and Violation in non-western societies”.

Apart from academic work she is as an editor in Russian electronic media ‘InoSMI’ (they monitor the most interesting news from news sources all other the world, choose the most interesting and translate them into Russian). Her professional interests include such problems as Sociology of Islam, Political Islam in the Middle East, North Africa, North Caucasus, discourse analysis, corpus linguistics, migration in the GCC, migration in Europe, international security.